Omega 3 Fish Oil: Ballena Nelle Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Supplement - Molecularly Distilled, Third Party Tested 1400mg EPA DHA (800mg EPA/600mg DHA) in Each 2 Capsule Serving Means Perfect Omega 3 Concentration Supporting Optimum Health for Wome

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Manufacturer Description

Do You Know The Two Most Important Qualities Of A Safe and Healthy Fish Oil Supplement?

It's the amount of "real" omega 3 you get and the quality of its refinement. Many brands do not meet the highest standards in this regard.

- Ballena Nelle contains 700mg EPA and DHA per capsule compared to less than 250mg in many standard fish oil supplements

-Our fish oil comes from wild caught anchovies and sardines harvested from the deep waters of the southern Pacific because they have the highest DHA and EPA levels available, and being on the lower end of the food chain, are least exposed to contaminants.

-All Ballena Nelle fish oil is purified in Norway using the latest molecular distillation technology and then independently tested to ensure purity from mercury, PCBs and dioxins. We purify in Norway because it is the center of excellence for this technology.

Are all fish oil supplements the same?

No. Many contain only 25 to 30% EPA and DHA, the specific acids that provide most of the health benefits. And not all brands use the molecular distillation process which can remove any contaminant at the molecular level, allowing purity unachievable in the past.

Why Bellena Nelle

Because you're getting the highest grade fish oil available so you will always get maximum health benefit. Our process uses 10 pounds of raw fish oil to make one pound of Ballena Nelle. We refine to this concentration because we believe this is the level that provides the best health benefit. And our quality control processes ensure the purity you need to never worry about contaminants. It's that simple.

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Product Features

MOLECULARLY DISTILLED FOR ULTRA PURITY AND THIRD PARTY TESTED TO ENSURE NO MERCURY, NO PCB AND NO DIOXIN CONTAMINATION. Our molecular distillation purification process is so advanced you can bite into these fish oil capsules and you'll taste a fresh, natural lemon flavor. This fish oil is super light and you'll feel like you're making a healthy choice when you take these. BALLENA NELLE FISH OIL CAPSULES ARE A HEART HEALTH SUPPLEMENT, AS WELL AS A JOINT SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT, BRAIN HEALTH, VISION, COGNITIVE FUNCTION, VISION AND SKIN SUPPLEMENT. They lower triglycerides and are just plain good for you. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Check out special offers and product promotions below! 800 MG EPA and 600 MG DHA IN EACH 2 SOFTGEL SERVING DELIVERING A PERFECT BALANCE OF ACTIVE OMEGA 3 EFA FOR MAXIMUM HEALTH BENEFIT. The FDA says research supports that Omega 3 may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Omega 3 EFA's also have the strongest anti-inflammatory properties of any food which is great for overall health as inflammation is often associated with disease. By taking Omega 3 supplements you know you're giving your body the best supplement for overall health and longer living SOURCED FROM WILD CAUGHT SARDINES AND ANCHOVIES TO PROVIDE THE PUREST SOURCE OF FISH OIL WITH THE BEST EPA AND DHA CONTENT. We only use fish from the nutrient rich deep, cold and pure waters of the Humbolt current in the South Pacific. These species are lower on the food chain so they have higher levels of EPA and DHA than larger fish such as salmon and they are not as exposed to pollutants occurring in the marine environment. There is no better quality of raw fish oil on the planet. So you know you're getting the highest quality anywhere and all the health benefits that brings